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The Mayan Calendar is a calendar of internal changes. It is the sacred Mayan time, which according to Tradition is the key to a better understanding of oneself and finding balance in everyday life. It teaches us how to return to a harmonious relationship with nature and ourselves.

Kalendarz Majów | Mayan Calendar Wheels

20 Naguales and 13 Tones

20 Naguals and 13 Tones are the two main components that determine the date of the Mayan Calendar.

Knowing their meanings allows for a better understanding of one’s own nature and that of others, as well as to forecast the energy of the day.

According to tradition, every living person, at the moment of birth, came into the world carrying the energy of that day, and with it its opportunities and challenges, shadow and light side, whose balance constitutes experiencing life in an authentic way.

This publication contains detailed information about the 13 Tones and 20 Naguals.

The characteristics of the Naguals include information on the opportunities and challanges that each day brings.

The description also includes advices that the Nagual brings in areas such as relationships and family, as well as career and business.

For each of the twenty days, there is a strongly visionary meditation prepared by Tommy Harevis.


February 2024 – February 2025

Why these dates?

We designed the calendar for the period of one Mayan Haab year, which lasts 360 days, after which there are 5 days called Wayeb’. During Wayeb’, the current Cargador (carrier, year patron) departs and a new one arrives. There is a temporary absence of a Cargador. During this time, in Mayan Tradition, people spend it in vigil and prayer. Due to the absence of the year’s guardian, a ritual fire is lit, which is maintained throughout the Wayeb’, waiting for the sunrise, with which a new Cargador will arrive, bringing a new year.

New Mayan Year
12 No'j

On February 14, 2024, the Cargador, who was the Ocelot (11 E), departs to make room for the Knowledge – Woodpecker (12 No’j).


The year 12 No’j will last from February 19, 2024, to February 13, 2025. Then another 5 days of Wayeb’ without a guardian will follow. On February 19, 2025, we will welcome another new year under the patronage of the Wind – Hummingbird (13 Iq’).


Apart from the Haab cycle, the Mayans distinguish another cycle lasting 260 days (about 9 months), in which each of the 20 Naguals has its thirteen-day period called Trecena. During this time, all possible combinations of the 20 Naguals and 13 numbers appear. Interestingly, this is about the same amount of time it takes for a human to be born from the womb from the day of conception. All this is precisely explained in the calendar. This cycle constitutes the core of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, which is referred to as Tzolkin or Cholq’ij depending on the tribe.


By equipping our calendar with a panoramic view of the year, we wanted to facilitate planning and allow a bird’s-eye view of the coming time. This feature of the product also favors making summaries, which are recommended to be done every last day of the given Trecena, i.e., on days marked with Tone 13.


The calendar is organized using a monthly layout. On each page, there are details such as the day of the month, day of the week, Tone, Nagual, Trecena, moon phase. The most important events connected with the Gregorian calendar in Poland and the most important Mayan holidays are also marked.


The E-Book is designed as an interactive document, allowing you to keep personal notes in the calendar.

You can use the calendar “in the cloud”, so your notes will be synchronized across all your devices.

It’s very simple. We’ll show you how to do it step by step.

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Kalendarz Majów Tzolkin Nawigacja

The built-in navigation system in the calendar will instantly open the knowledge you are looking for. With it, you can quickly interpret the day (Kin) of the Mayan Calendar and find the necessary information.

Just one click to move to cards such as:
description of Nagual, Tone, Trecena
panoramic view of the yearthe appropriate month of the calendar

This solution prevents unnecessary scrolling and saves your time.


The PDF is designed for A4 pages so that it can be easily printed on a home printer or at a copy point.

This allows everyone to give the calendar a physical dimension on their own.

Kalendarz Majów Tzoklin Drukowany


  • getting closer to nature and focusing on the environment
  • reminding of important values for humans
  • harmonizing life’s rhythm
  • organizing memories, easier orientation in space and time
  • assistance in planning and making important decisions
  • the key to understanding oneself and others


  • Description and characteristics of 20 Naguals, 13 Tones, and descriptions of Trecenas
  • Artistic poster depicting the year’s Cargador 12 No’j (knowledge).
  • 20 meditations related to the Naguals.
  • Visualizations of Trecenas
  • Introductory knowledge and calendar operating instructions
  • Description of the most important Mayan holidays
  • Gregorian-Mayan calendar for the year 12 No’j (February 2024-February 2025)
  • Panoramic view of the entire year
  • Moon phases. Full moons, new moons, quarters.
  • Efficient navigation system throughout the document

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